TOEFL Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the widely accepted tests in the world conducted for English language.


TOEFL Test, which is also known as Test of English as a Foreign Language, is most widely accepted English-language test conducted in the world. Its scores are recognized by more than 7,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries. According to recent statistics, the number of TOEFL Test takers has increased to 25 million all over the world. If you have TOEFL Test scores, you can apply anywhere in the world. The test is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), to analyze students’ from countries, where native language is not English.
Any student, who has passed 10+2 level of examination from any recognized Board, is eligible to apply for this test. TOEFL Test is conducted at numerous centers all over the world. The test focuses on the students’ English grammatical skills along with writing, listening, speaking and understanding the language. TOEFL Test gives candidates two options to choose from - internet based test or paper based test. Before explaining these two modes of TOEFL Test, it is imperative to know its advantages, which are given in following lines.
Advantages of TOEFL Test
  • As a candidate of TOEFL Test, you will have more choices to study abroad anywhere in the world, because its scores are applicable in nearly 130 countries.
  • TOEFL is probably one of the best tests in the world, which measures academic skills of the candidates in the English language. It also makes TOEFL most preferred choice among many Universities.
  • Taking TOEFL Test is a convenient option for the candidates, because its test centers are located all over the world. You can save time and money and take the test according to your convenience. 
  • TOEFL Test scores keep quality of the test content. If you have TOEFL Test scores that means you are well prepared for pursing higher studies in English language.
Format of TOEFL Test
TOEFL Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is conducted in two modes - Internet Based Test (IBT) and Paper Based Test (PBT).
TOEFL IBT Test examines candidate’s ability to use English language at the University level. Almost all the participating universities of TOEFL accept the internet based test (IBT) scores of the candidates. To apply for TOEFL IBT test, you have to pay fee, which ranges from US$150 to US$225 (can varies between the countries).
Paper based format constitutes another mode of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). TOEFL PBT Test consists of those questions, which are based on listening, structure and written expression, reading comprehension and a ‘test of written English’ (TWE).

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