Read the article and get an idea about the registration procedure for TOEFL IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test).

TOEFL IBT Registration

Test of English as a Foreign Language is the most accepted test conducted for English language in the world. It is also known as TOEFL. The test is conducted in two modes - Internet Based Test (IBT) and Paper-Based Test (PBT). TOEFL IBT has certain procedure for its registration, which every applicant has to follow to appear for the test. The registration procedure of the test can be explained into four categories, which are given in following lines.
General Registration Procedure
Candidates can apply for TOEFL IBT test through four modes - online, phone, mail and in person. Candidates can apply for the test through one of these modes. Various instructions are required to be followed for all the four modes. Any violation of this can resulted in the cancellation of candidates’ registration. 

Online Registration for TOEFL IBT
  • The candidate can register online by following the steps given below:
  • Online registration is available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make sure that you have given correct name, as it appears on the identification during the test day.
  • While registering online, payment can be made through a registration voucher, which is obtained from a local TOEFL iBT Test Resource Centre.
  • The candidate can also pay by using a credit/debit card. Payment can be also made through e-checks if the candidate has a bank account in U.S. or its territories.
  • Candidates must know that registration closes seven days before the TOEFL IBT test.
  • There is a provision of late registration, but this will close three days before the test date, along with a late fee of US$35.
Registration of TOEFL IBT via Phone
  • Candidates, who are wishing to appear for TOEFL IBT test, can register themselves through phone also. The procedure is given below:
  • Before calling, candidates have to review the registration form by mentioning the correct name.
  • The contact numbers, within U.S. or its territories and Canada, are 1-800-468-6335 and 1-443-751-4862.
  • For other locations, candidates have to contact their Regional Registration Center (PDF).
  • By registering online, candidates can make payment through credit/debit card. They can also use an electronic cheque, if they have bank account in U.S. or its territories.
  • Candidates can also pay with a TOEFL voucher via phone.
  • The registration through phone will be closed seven days before the test date.
  • Late registration by phone closes at 5 pm according to the local test centre time on the business day before the test, along with late fee of US$35.
Registration for TOEFL IBT via Mail
  • There is also another way of registration for TOEFL IBT test i.e. by mail.
  • To register by mail, candidate needs to download and fill the application form with correct spelling of his/her name.
  • Candidates have to choose the payment methods, which are listed on the form.
  • They have to send the form with the chosen payment at the address on the form or to their Regional Registration Center (PDF).
  • The forms must be received minimum four weeks before the test.
  • If the candidates have not received any confirmation mail, they are required to call the location where they have mailed their paperwork. This should be done at least three business days before the test.
  • While registering through mail, candidates have to enter certain codes manually that are input automatically online.
Registration for TOEFL IBT in Person
  • Candidates can also register themselves for TOEFL IBT test in person.
  • In some locations, candidates can purchase test registration vouchers by paying in local currency and register in person, at a TOEFL iBT Test Resource Centre.
  • If a candidate does not want to register at a TOEFL iBT Test Resource Centre, he/she can use a registration voucher online from any computer or phone.
  • The last date of registration in person is seven days before the test date.
  • The late registration closes three days before the test date along with a late fee of US$35.
  • Candidates are required to spell their names correctly, as it appears for identification on the test day.
Change/Cancel Registration
If a candidate is not satisfied with registration, he/she can change or cancel his/her registration. But before that, he/she should inform the authority before three days of the test. Candidates can change/cancel their registration either through online or via phone. They have to pay a fee of US$60 for change or cancellation of registration. Refunds are also applicable in this case.
TOEFL IBT Test fee can be paid through difference modes, such as paper cheque, E-cheques, registration vouchers and credit/debit card. Different instructions are applicable for each mode of payment, which every candidate has to follow.
Disability Accommodations

ETS has regularized various disability accommodations/arrangements for disabled candidates, who want to appear for TOEFL IBT test. They are given technical, adaptive and specialized assistance to register themselves for the test. To request for accommodations, they have to follow a certain procedure.

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