Find in this article about the test content of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) paper-based test.

TOEFL PBT Test Content

Test of English as Foreign Language, prominently known as TOEFL Test, is conducted to analyze candidates’ understanding of English language, at the university level. The test is conducted in two formats - Internet (known as Internet Based Test) and the conventional paper-pen format, known as Paper Based Test or TOEFL PBT. The paper-based format of the test comprises of three sections along with TWE test, also known as Test of Written English. In the following lines, the test content of TOEFL PBT test is mentioned.
Test Content for Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper-Based Test 
Listening Comprehension
  • The listening comprehension section of TOEFL PBT measures the ability of the candidate to understand spoken English.
  • There are generally 50 questions in this section.
  • All the questions are required to be answered by the candidates within 30-40 minutes duration.
Structure and Written Expression
  • The structure and written expression section comprises of 40 questions.
  • The candidates have to answer all the 40 questions within 25 minutes duration.
  • In this section, the skill of recognizing language appropriate for standard written English is examined.
Reading Comprehension
  • The reading comprehension section of the test analyzes the candidate’s ability to understand non-technical reading material.
  • There are minimum 50 questions asked in this section.
  • The candidates have to answer all the questions within 30 minutes duration.
Apart from these three main sections of TOEFL PBT test, the candidates have to appear for a ‘Test of Written English’ (TWE Test).
Test of Written English (TWE Test)
  • In this section, the candidates are given one topic to write.
  • They have to complete the test within 30 minutes duration.
  • The purpose of conducting this test is to examine candidates’ skills to write in English.

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