Explore this article to know about the test content of Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based (TOEFL IBT) test.

TOEFL IBT Test Structure

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test is conducted to measure candidate’s ability to utilize English language at the university level in countries including US, Canada and UK. The test is conducted in two modes - internet-based (IBT) and paper based (PBT). The test content of TOEFL IBT is based on those questions, which examine candidates’ skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing English language. The test content of TOEFL IBT is divided into four sections. Explore the following lines to know more about TOELF IBT test content.
Test Content for Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test
  • The section of listening is of 60-90 minutes duration.
  • There are generally 34-51 questions asked in this section.
  • In the listening section, candidates are required to listen to lectures, participate in classroom discussions and conversations and then answer to the questions.
  • In the reading section, candidates have to answer 36-70 questions.
  • While attempting this section, they are required to read passages from texts and then answer questions.
  • They are required to answer all the questions in between 60-100 questions. 
    After attempting both these sections, the candidates are allowed to take a 10 minutes break.
  • The third section of TOEFL IBT is speaking, which consists of 6 tasks.
  • In it, candidates have to express their opinions on a familiar topic, speak based on reading and listening tasks.
  • The candidates have to complete all the tasks in between 20 minutes.
  • The writing section of TOEFL IBT consists of two tasks.
  • Both the tasks have to be answered by the candidates in 50 minutes.
  • In this section, the candidates have to write an essay, which would be based upon reading and listening tasks. In it, candidate has to support an opinion in writing.

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