Explore this article to know about the disability accommodations for TOEFL PBT test (Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test).

TOEFL PBT Test Disability Accommodations

Test of English as a Foreign Language is popularly known as TOEFL Test. Conducted in two modes - PBT and IBT, TOEFL is a prominent entrance exam conducted for fulfilling academic tasks at the university level. To appear for TOEFL PBT, any aspirant, including the person with any kind of disability, has to follow all the instructions to register himself for TOEFL PBT test. For disabled candidates, ETS has regularized certain arrangements so that they can also register themselves for the test.
The test takers, who need accommodations of a disability or health-related need, are entitled to use accommodations such as extended testing time, additional rest breaks, writer/recorder of answers and test reader. ETS has also provided special arrangements for TOEFL PBT test. Go through the following lines
For Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals
  • Deaf or hard of hearing individuals are provided printed copy of spoken directions.
  • They are given sign language interpreter for spoken directions only.
  • For them, listening section will be omitted.
For Blind or Visual Acuity Individual
The facilities given to them are:
  • Perkins Brailler
  • Braille slate and stylus
  • Oral interpreter
  • Audio test
  • Braille test
  • Large-print question paper
  • Large-print answer sheet
Procedure of registering for the TOEFL PBT Test
  • The instructions for test takers, who need accommodations for a disability or health-related needs, are given in following lines:
  • They cannot register online or request standby registration.
  • You have to show your disability status to ETS Disability Services.
  • You should check the registration deadline in the appropriate Test Bulletin.
  • You have to fill the application form from the test registration bulletin and mention your check or credit card payment.
  • You must submit the application form with required documents and include them with your paperwork.
Submitting the request to register for TOEFL PBT Test
  • You have to include all the required paperwork and mail it to the following address:

ETS Disability Services
P.O. Box 6054
Princeton, NJ 08541-6054

  • If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter within six weeks. You cannot call to schedule a test until you receive your approval.
  • When calling to schedule the test, you will require the voucher number and information in your confirmation letter from ETS. For more information, you can send your queries to the following address to contact via email, phone or fax.
Contact Address
ETS Disability Services
P.O. Box 6054
Princeton, NJ 08541-6054
E-mail: stassd@ets.org
Phone: 1-609-771-7780, 1-866-387-8602
(toll free in United States, U.S. Territories and Canada)
TTY: 1-609-771-7714

Fax: 1-609-771-7165

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