Explore the section and know about the scoring procedure for TOEFL IBT Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test).

TOEFL IBT Test Scores

TOEFL IBT test scores are mainly based upon your performance on the questions of each section in the test. The test score are valid for two years after test dates. Each educational institution has its own policy of scoring and there is no passing or failing TOEFL score. Your official score records includes your performance feedback, which is determined by your tasks and performance level. To receive official scores, you have to attempt minimum one question each in the Reading and Listening sections, write at least one essay and complete at least one Speaking task.
TOEFL IBT test scores are concluded through different methods such as human raters and automated scoring methods. It is checked by professional checkers, who have passed a certification test. You can get your scores online or in selected universities and institutions. The TOEFL IBT test scores can be sent through different modes, including fax, online and mail.

Candidates preparing for TOEFL IBT should have the understanding of the test scores. As an applicant, you should know how many tasks are applicable in each section i.e. listening, reading, speaking and writing. Your TOEFL IBT Test scores are subject to certain policies. These include right to privacy of the candidate, quality of the test content and cancellation of test due to misconduct in the test center or any other reasons. Apart from that, you can also cancel your test score, reinstate your score and rescore the test.

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