Find in this article, the scoring policies and services of TOEFL PBT Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test).

TOEFL PBT Test Scoring Services

Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test, widely known as TOEFL PBT Test, is one of the two modes of TOEFL, the other being the internet based test or TOEFL IBT. TOEFL PBT contains certain scoring services as well as policies the criteria on which the candidates’ TOEFL PBT test answers are carefully examined. Therefore, it becomes very important for the candidates to know about TOEFL PBT test services and policies, because any violation of these policies can cause your cancellation test. Moreover you will have to pay a sum of your test fee. Explore the article to know more about test services and policies for TOEFL PBT test.
Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test Scoring Policies
Scoring Services
Under the TOEFL PBT Test scores’ services, you can cancel as well as rescore your score.
Cancel the Score
  • While canceling the test scores, your test fee will not be refunded.
  • You cannot cancel your test scores for one section only.
  • There is no change for canceling your scores.
  • You should make sure that TOEFL PBT scores cannot be reinstated.
  • Your canceled scores are not added to your permanent record.
  • You have to cancel your score carefully.
Rescore the TOEFL PBT Test
  • Tests can be rescored only once.
  • You have to pay US$25 (for TOEFL PBT) and US$50 (for TWE) for rescoring the test.
  • Your rescoring results will be available approximately three weeks after TOEFL Services receives your request form and payment.
Scoring Policies
The policies for TOEFL PBT Test are given in the following lines:
  • ETS maintains confidentiality of the test takers’ scores. TOEFL score data and writing and speaking responses, which may be used at any time for informational, research, statistical, or training purposes, are not individually identifiable.
  • TOEFL PBT Test scores of the candidates are finalized through careful and standardized procedure to ensure high quality of the test material.
  • ETS maintains confidentiality of reviewing or canceling the score of the test takers that has already been reported.
  • In case of any violation in the test taker’s identification, he/she may be dismissed from the test center.
  • Any kind of misconduct from the candidate’s side will not be tolerated, at the test center.
  • ETS can cancel the score of the candidates if they are found guilty of plagiarism.
  • ETS can also cancel the scores if there is enough evidence that they are invalid for any reason.

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