Explore the article to know all about the disability accommodations for the disabled test takers of TOEFL IBT test (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test).

TOEFL IBT Test Disability Accommodations

Test of English as a Foreign Language, popularly known as TOEFL, has certain accommodations/arrangements for the candidates with disability and health related special requirements. The test is conducted in two modes - Internet Based Test (IBT) and Paper Based Test (PBT). There are several optional services and adequate disability accommodations for such candidates, who want to appear for TOEFL IBT. To utilize these arrangements, they have to contact ETS Disability Services prior to the registration. In the following lines, you will know more about the several accommodations for the disabled candidates.
Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test Arrangements for Disabled
Technical Accommodations for Disabled Candidates of TOEFL IBT
Quill mouse
IntelliKeys keyboard
Ergonomic keyboard
Selectable background and foreground colors
Kensington Trackball mouse
Keyboard with touchpad
Screen magnification
Adaptive Accommodations for Disabled Candidates of TOEFL IBT
The disabled candidates can seek the following adaptive accommodations:
Additional rest breaks
Speaking section omitted
Extended testing time
Listening section omitted
Specialized Assistance for Disabled Candidates of TOEFL IBT
The specialized assistances are given in following lines:
Test reader
Sigh language interpreter for spoken directions only
Oral interpreter for spoken directions only
Writer/recorder of answers
Alternate Formats
The candidates, who could not use any of the above arrangements, can have access to alternate formats. The instructions for using alternate formats are given in following lines.
A deaf or a person who is hardly able to hear can take the TOEFL IBT Test, wherein the listening section of the writing and the speaking sections would be replaced with written scripts.
Candidate having low vision can use a software screen magnification system for the TOEFL IBT test. To practice the TOEFL iBT Sample questions, candidates can use various screen magnifier software.
If a candidate requires assistance of a reader, he/she can ask a native English speaker to assist him/her as the reader.
Requesting for Disability Accommodations for TOEFL IBT Test
The steps for requesting the disability accommodations or arrangements are given in following lines.
The candidate should register for the same via sending a mail to the authorities concerned.
You may fill out the registration form along with the registration fee with your paperwork. It is important to check the registration deadline.
The request for accommodations must be accompanied with three documents from the Registration Bulletin Supplement and should be included with your paperwork. These include Applicant Information Form (Part 1) pages 9 - 10, Testing Accommodations Request (Part 2) page 11 and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (Part 3) pages 12 - 14 (or) Disability Documentation, page 8.
Submission of Request for Disability Accommodations for TOEFL IBT
  • To submit the request for disability accommodations for TOEFL IBT test, the candidates have to follow these steps:
  • Candidates have to mail all the required paperwork and send the payment to:
    ETS Disability Services
    P.O. Box 6054
    NJ 08541-6054
  • After mailing all the requirements to the aforementioned address, candidates will receive a confirmation letter within six weeks, if the request is approved. Candidates should not call to reschedule the test until they receive their approval.
  • When the candidates call to schedule their test, they have to receive registration voucher number and information in their confirmation letter from ETS.
ETS Disability Services
P.O. Box 6054
Princeton, NJ 08541-6054
Phone: 1-609-771-7780 / 1-866-387-8602
(Toll-free for test takers in the United States,
U.S. Territories* and Canada)
E-mail: stassd@ets.org
TTY: 1-609-771-7714

Fax: 1-609-771-7165

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