This section makes the candidates informed about the tips, books & sample question paper for preparation for Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

PCAT Preparation

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) conducts Pharmacy College Admission Test, prominently known as PCAT, for those candidates who are seeking admissions in any of the pharmacy colleges/schools in US. It is a very popular entrance test. Candidates wishing to pursue pharmaceutical education from pharmacy colleges/schools located in US are required to appear for the test. It is the test that checks the candidate's general academic ability and scientific knowledge. Candidates have to obtain qualifying marks in PCAT, so as to secure a seat in US colleges/schools of pharmacy.
To obtain excellent scores in Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), candidates will have to prepare well in advance, before appear for the test. To prepare well for PCAT, candidates might be looking for some helpful tips. In addition, the prospective test takers might also be looking for some books and sample question papers that can help them in Pharmacy College Admission Test preparation. This section answers all the questions that might come in the mind of the test takers pertaining to PCAT preparation. Read the section further to get some helpful tips, books and sample question paper for preparing for PCAT.
How to Prepare for Pharmacy College Admission Test
  • To prepare for PCAT, you need to plan the time required for the preparation. In other words, you must make a time table or schedule to prepare for PCAT.
  • While preparing for PCAT, you must interact with experts in order to clarify your doubts and confusions.
  • You must practice with a watch.
  • You must study for each section of PCAT individually.
  • You must understand the test and the scoring process and then prepare for PCAT in order to score good marks.
  • Pearson provides official practice test. Candidates must take the practice test in order to check their level of preparation.
  • Candidates can take the practice test online by registering themselves for the practice test.
  • Candidates can register for the practice test by visiting the official website:
  • PCAT online practice test is considered exactly the replica of the actual test. So taking the online practice test is just like sitting for the actual PCAT.
  • In order to prepare according to the PCAT format, candidates must take the online practice test offered by Pearson, in addition to the aforesaid tips.

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