Explore about the Registration Process for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Qualifying Exam/Test.

CGFNS Test Registration

Registration Procedure for CGFNS Qualifying Exam
For registration, the candidates should first create a CGFNS Connect account. In order to create the account, they have to fill certain personal details and information about themselves, which in turn help candidates to get informed about their application status and establish a link between them and CGFNS officials. After creating CGFNS Connect account, the candidates are required to apply online. As soon as CGFNS receives the payment, a welcome notification, CGFNS ID number and The Official Study Guide for the CGFNS Qualifying Exam in PFD format will be send at the e-mail address provided by the candidate on application form.
The next step would be to prepare and send License/Registration/Certification Validation Request form to each licensing authority, from which a license/registration has been issued, it includes the country from which the candidate has completed his/her education requesting that they complete the form and directly send it to CGFNS with validation. Also, prepare and send the Request for Academic Records/Transcripts form to the schools from which the candidate has intake their education asking them to complete the form and send the records directly to CGFNS.            
CGFNS review all the documents send by schools, licensing authorities and the candidates. The candidates are advised to check their application status online. Once the review of credentials is completed, an Authorization to Test notification including scheduling instructions and the dates of the two test windows in which the candidate is authorized to take the CGFNS Qualifying Exam are send. With this the candidate’s finishes their registration process for CGFNS qualifying exam.
Repeat CGFNS Qualifying Exam
In case the candidates miss or did not pass the exam, they can opt to reschedule or repeat CGFNS qualifying exam. In order to do so, the applicants have to log on/apply online through their account. If the request is permitted, then an authorization to test notification with instructions to schedule the exam will be dispatched by the authorities. No credit will be received by candidate for the missed exam instead they are required to pay the applicable fees. The candidates can repeat the test as many times as they want, until they achieve a passing score.

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) conducts CGFNS Qualifying Exam four times in a year, in order to select deserving registered nurses, who desire to pursue career in U.S. Applicant’s knowledge and understanding of nursing field is tested through this exam. The test also helps candidates to evaluate their skills in order to crack the U.S. registered nurse licensing exam - NCLEX-RN. The candidates are required to meet eligibility criteria and licensure requirements to appear for CGFNS test. The objective, multiple-choice and alternate-item type questions designed by experts thoroughly scrutinize the applicant capabilities.
The CGFNS Qualifying Exam is offered through five-day test windows during designated months. From March 2011 CGFNS plans to organize new Internet-based CGFNS Qualifying Exam. Registration is the foremost step in order to appear for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) qualifying exam. The candidates can register themselves by online or through postal mail. Details regarding each registration process, registration fee, payment policies, refund policies, test centers, test dates, re-examination policies and so on is provided in this section.

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