Read the article to explore about the preparation tips and books/magazines required for CGFNS qualifying exam preparation.

CGFNS Test Preparation

CGFNS test is among the highly competitive entrance examinations of its field. The qualifying examination is designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of nursing field. It is compulsory to appear for the test for all those, who desire to pursue career in the field of nursing, in U.S. The test also provides broad idea to the aspirants about their chances to crack NCLEX-RN- the U.S. registered nurse licensing exam. In order to appear for CGFNS qualifying exam, the candidates are required to meet the eligibility criteria including the academic requirement and licensure requirements.
To perform exceptionally well in CGFNS Qualifying Exam, the candidates are required to thoroughly prepare for it. For preparation, books, study guides, preparation material, sample questions, previous years paper and study material are required. All these help the aspirants to get acquainted with the type of questions that can be asked in CGFNS Qualifying Exam. This section will provide the candidates with detailed knowledge regarding books, and study material that can be helpful for them to crack the entrance exam. Apart from this, strategies and tips that can be useful while preparing for CGFNS Qualifying Exam is also enlisted.

How to Prepare For CGFNS Qualifying Exam
  • Preparation Tips Firstly, the candidates should get familiar with the format of CGFNS Qualifying Exam. 
  • Go through the Official Study Guide for the CGFNS Qualifying Exam in PFD format provided by the authorities (CGFNS) through E-mail.
  • The candidate should begin preparation for the test even before they receive confirmation of the test date i.e. at least two months prior the test.
  • Thoroughly review the sample questions or the previous year paper of CGFNS Qualifying Exam. 
  • The candidates are advised to choose the exam location wisely so that they do not face any visa or travel limitations.
  • The candidate should prepare a proper and organized study plan and time table and should try to strictly follow it.  
  • It is advisable to understand each and every concept rather than memorizing them.
  • Plan the test well in advance before the test day.
  • Avoid last-minute "cramming” and make sure to get enough sleep, food, and exercise, in the days preceding the test.

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