Read the article to know about the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Test Score reporting process.

GMAT Test Scores Report

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a renowned entrance exam conducted for the selection of candidates to different postgraduate degree and diploma courses in the field of management. Many institutes that conduct courses in the field of management accept GMAT scores. The admission test is highly acclaimed in India as well. Since it is a highly competitive entrance examination, certain guidelines need to be followed in its every step, including test score reporting.
The candidates can select up to five GMAT programmes, in order to receive their Official Score Report on the day their GMAT is scheduled. This should be done before the commencement of the exam. The candidates can receive their Official Score Report within 20 calendar days of the test. The charges of the service are included in the registration fee. Once the selection is made, the candidates are not allowed to change or delete them. However, the candidates can avail the option of Additional Score Report. The cost to send Additional Score Report is US$28.  
Additional Score Reports for GMAT
In case, candidate does not select any GMAT programmes to receive the scores on the day of the exam or he/she want to send scores to more than the five programs, then one can opt for Additional Score Reports. The Additional Score Report can be sent to schools online, by phone, by fax, or by mail for a fee. The tax rates could be applicable in certain countries. The Additional Score Reports will be sent within seven calendar days of receipt of the request. Longer delivery time could be expected for non-U.S. test takers.
GMAT Percentile Ranking
The GMAT score comprises of percentile ranking that provides a measure of candidate’s level of skills, in comparison with the other persons appearing for the test. GMAT percentile rankings review the last three years of test-taker data and analyze the candidate’s performance. It provides with the percentage of test takers who scored lower than the candidate for the most recent three-year period. This makes candidate familiar with the scenario of the B-school applicant pool.  
Canceling GMAT Scores
The candidates can cancel their GMAT scores at the test center, immediately after completion of their test, but, before viewing them. The candidates are not permitted to cancel their scores after its display. In case, the candidates opt to cancel their scores, then, he/she can not restore them; no test fee will be refunded, and the score cancellation will remain a part of the permanent record and will be reported on all future score reports. The candidates can retake the test only after 31 days.

Any other cancellation of the scores is at the sole discretion of GMAC and/or Pearson VUE. They have the right to cancel the scores under following circumstance- Occurrence of testing irregularities, apparent discrepancy, falsification of a test taker’s identification and misconduct or plagiarism by test taker. In case, GMAC and/or Pearson VUE cancels test scores that have already been reported, score recipients will be informed about it, but, not the reason for cancellation, unless it is requested by the test taker.

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