Explore the article to check out the test center policy and guidelines for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

GMAT Test Center Policy

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is conducted worldwide in order to select candidates with potential to pursue a promising career in the field of management. The test is among the highly regarded entrance examinations in India as well as many institutes that accept GMAT scores. Since the entrance exam is highly competitive, certain rules and regulations regarding the conduct and procedures have been laid down by the conducting authorities, which are required to be followed at the test center. The test center regulations for GMAT are given in the following lines.
Test Center Guidelines for Graduate Management Admission Test
  • The candidates should reach the test centre at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled GMAT test.
  • The candidates may not be allowed to appear for the entrance examination, if they reach 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. In that case, the candidates will also loose their test fee as well.  
  • The candidates are required to fill a booklet of five (5) note boards at the beginning of the test. In case, the candidate fills the note boards during the test, he/she may request replacements by raising hand. Every note board must be returned at the end of the test.
  • The candidates are required to strictly follow testing rules & agreement for the country in which the test is being taken.
  • The friends and relatives are not allowed to accompany or contact the candidate at the test center area, while he/she is taking the test.
  • Personal items, such as cell phones, backpacks, wallets, purses, or handbags etc or testing aid, such as calculators, notes, or study guides dictionaries, translators and Weapons including firearms, knives, or any object that could be used as a weapon, radios and stereos are not permitted at the test centre.
  • In case of any technical problem that may lead to cancellation of test session or prevent reporting of the scores, the candidates can opt for rescheduling GMAT test or can receive a full refund of the original test fee.
  • The candidates can opt for two optional breaks during the test. In case candidates exceed the allotted time, no extra time will be allotted. Instead, the extra time will be deducted from the remaining test time.
  • The candidates are required to dress comfortably suitable for any room temperature.
  • The candidates will not be allowed to leave the testing room without the consent of test administrator/invigilator.
  • The candidates can be asked to provide a digital fingerprint and/or palm vein pattern any time when they enter the testing room in order to verify the identity confirmed during check-in.
  • The candidates are not permitted to eat, drink, or use tobacco during the test and scheduled breaks. In case, the candidate desires to go outside during a break, then he/she is required to inform the test administrator and should remain in the immediate vicinity of the test center.
  • The candidates can inform the test administrator for any problem with computer or in case; you require any other assistance or need to replace a note board.
  • The candidates are not permitted to leave the testing room when timed sections of the test are being administered. In case of emergency, the candidate can leave during the test session, but, are required to seek permission of the test administrator. The timing for the test section the candidate is working on will not be stopped during his/her absence.

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