Read the article to know about the identification requirements required at the time of test centre in order to appear for GMAT entrance examination.

GMAT Identification Requirement

Graduate Management Admission Test, popularly known as GMAT, is an entrance exam accepted in many countries world over. The entrance exam is conducted for offering admission to deserving candidates into postgraduate degree and diploma level courses in the field of management. GMAT scores are accepted by many B-Schools, universities and management colleges. In India, while some colleges directly enroll candidates who have qualified GMAT, others conduct group discussion and personal interview, after short-listing the candidates who have performed well in GMAT. The competitive admission test is conducted at different test centers across India. Since it s a highly competitive entrance exam, certain test centers policies are very strict, such as identification requirements. GMAT identification requirements are given below.
Identification Requirements for Graduate Management Admission Test
On GMAT test day, the candidates are required to bring a valid identification (ID) proof in order. In case, the candidate is not able to present a valid ID due to any reason, then he/she is not permitted to the test centre and the entire test fee will also be forfeited. The valid acceptable form of ID that can be used at test centre should include - the candidate’s name in the Roman alphabet exactly as provided at the time of test appointment, including the order and placement of the names. The ID must be current (not expired) and legible.
The identification documents must include at least one of the forms of government-issued identification. The date of birth should also match exactly the date provided at the time of test appointment. The ID must also include a recent, recognizable photograph along with signature and date of birth. If a candidate fails to provide one form of ID that includes all four of the aforementioned things, then he/she is required to present a second ID as well that may include the missing element(s). The following are the only acceptable forms of ID that can be presented at the test center:
  • Passport
  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Government-issued national/state/province identity card (including European ID card)
  • Military ID card
It should be noted that no other forms of identification will be accepted at GMAT test center. The unacceptable forms of ID include expired passports or driver’s licenses, social security cards, draft classification cards, credit cards, employee or student IDs, letters from your university or college, IDs with physical descriptions in place of photos, photocopies of any form of ID, or any other kind of ID that does not meet the requirements mentioned above.

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