Explore the article to get the details of the registration procedure for SAT (Scholastic Admission Test).

SAT Test Registration

Scholastic Admission Test, which is popularly known as SAT test, is a measure to assess candidates’ reading, writing and mathematics skills, which would be used as a way of their overall ability and potential at the time of admission. SAT is a compulsory test to get admission in any undergraduate level programme of colleges located in USA. The standardized test is developed and published by the College Board, while it is administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS).
In order to appear for Scholastic Admission Test (SAT), you have to follow certain registration procedure, systematically. SAT test registration can be done in four ways - online, mail, standby registration and Home-Schooled Student Registration. If you are not satisfied with your registration, you can also change or cancel your SAT Test registration by following certain steps. To register yourself for SAT Test, you have to pay US$47 in the form of fee, which can be done through several ways. Candidates from India will have to pay a sum of US$24.
The College Board, which conducts Scholastic Admission Test (SAT), has assisted several accommodations or arrangements for those candidates who are suffering from any kind of disability. To attain the disability accommodations, the candidates need to submit all the required documents as the confirmation of their disability such as a Student Eligibility Form and Eligibility Approval Letter. The approval for disability accommodations will take six weeks time to process.

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