Read this article to know about the disability accommodations for SAT Test (Scholastic Aptitude Test) for disabled test takers.

SAT Disability Accommodations

Scholastic Aptitude Test, popularly known as SAT Test, is a reasoning type test, which is one of the most commonly used college admission tests in the United States. SAT test is used to examine student's skills in reading, writing and mathematics, which will be measured at the time of their admission. The Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is conducted all over the world, is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), while it is published by the College Board.
Scholastic Aptitude Test Arrangements for Disabled Test Takers
Those students, who are suffering from any kind of disability, will be facilitated by special accommodations or arrangements to appear for SAT test. The authority of SAT test makes arrangements for these candidates for taking the test. The instructions for disability accommodations are given in the following lines:
  • You have to collect a Student Eligibility Form from the counselor and complete it before your registration.
  • You are required to submit the completed Student Eligibility Form before your SAT test date.
  • After receiving your Eligibility Approval Letter, you can submit your registration by entering your unique SSD code mentioned in the letter.
  • The approval for your disability accommodations or arrangements will take seven-week time to process.

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