Know the procedure to change or cancel registration for SAT Test (Scholastic Aptitude Test), in the article.

Change Registration for SAT Test

SAT is a standardized college entrance test, which utilized to measure the skills of the students in the fields of mathematics, reading, and writing. The test is conducted all the over the world under the administration of the College Board as well as Educational Testing Service (ETS). Almost all the Universities and colleges in the United States accept the candidates’ SAT score during the admission.
How to Cancel Registration for Scholastic Aptitude Test
The candidates can change or cancel their test center, test dates or admission ticket by following the given below instructions:
  • You can make any changes only 2-3 weeks before your test date.
  • You can change your test center or test date through online or by calling customer service or through your free account.
  • If you want to change your test type, you have to contact the College Board, Monday to Friday.
  • In order to make any changes, you have to pay a certain fee only through credit card.
  • If you miss the deadline for making a change, you can still request for change on the test day. For it, you have to go early to the test center of your choice and explain everything regarding the reason behind the change to the test supervisor.
  • It is the duty of the SAT test center supervisor to inform local media that prescribed test center is unable to open on the test day due to bad weather, natural disaster, power failure, or other problems.
Your admission ticket will carry all the information regarding your name, address, high school, test center and test date. If you find any mistake in your admission ticket, then you can request for relevant changes through email. The procedure for making online changes into your admission ticket is as follows:
  • You have to log on to your personal ‘My Organizer’ page by entering your username and password.
  • After logging on to the page, you will be asked to click on the "Print/Update Admission Ticket" to make your changes.
  • Once you complete your appropriate changes, you have to print your updated ticket to finalize the changes.
  • There could be some circumstances when you are unable to reach your test center on your SAT test day due to some strong reasons. In that condition, you can transfer your test date to a later date by using your free online account or contact ETS by phone to request for changing test date. It requires an additional fee to be paid through credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).
Makeup Testing of SAT
If the registered test center is unable to open on test day or if any kind of misadministration occurs on the test day, then a makeup test may be conducted. You will be notified with all the information regarding SAT Makeup Testing. There are certain instructions to appear in the Makeup Testing, which are given below:
  • Only registered students of SAT test can apply for makeup test.
  • You may be called to appear in the Makeup test only at your registered test center.
  • SAT Makeup Test may only be conducted on your original test date.
  • You have to appear for all the sections of the SAT Makeup test not just for few sections.
  • Question-and-Answer Service is not applicable for makeup tests.

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