Read the article to know about what are the things that you would want to bring to the IELTS test center.

What to Bring to IELTS Test Center

International English Language Testing System, popularly known as IELTS, is a world's well known test for checking English proficiency of candidates, who wish to study abroad or seek employment in English speaking countries that accept the test scores. In fact, it is regarded as one of the fool proof and convenient tests for English. A beneficial feature of the test is that candidates can repeat test as many times as they wish to, provided they fill the forms and pay the full test fees all over again.
IELTS test centers are also generally very helpful and friendly to the candidates. Nonetheless, they follow certain strict procedures so as to ensure the quality and security of the test. In order make sure the security and quality of the test, candidates is not allowed to borrow or lend any thing from fellow test takers. Candidates must be aware about the things that are to be brought by the candidate on the test day at the test centre.  The important things to bring to the test center are given below.
Things to Bring to Test Center of International English Language Testing System
Candidates must bring their passport / national identity card, which they gave on their IELTS application form, with them on the test date. This would be regarded as their identity proof.
Candidates can bring pens, pencils and eraser with them, which they need for the test, in the test centre.
Candidates are not allowed to cheat or copy from any other candidate.

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