IELTS candidates must know how to report score. Explore the article and learn about the procedure for Reporting Score of International English Language Testing System Score.

IELTS Score Reporting

IELTS is an internationally acclaimed test that scrutinizes the proficiency of candidates in English language, so that they could seek employment or opt for higher education in English speaking countries that accept this test’s scores. Reporting scores is one of the requisites for the candidates. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test report forms shall be posted to the test takers, 13 days after the test date. All the test centers are bound to post the test report forms to the test takers. The test report forms will be automatically sent to five institutions, mentioned by the candidate in his/her application form, free of cost. Candidate will receive only one copy of the test report form. The test report form of a candidate includes the following:
Reporting Score of International English Language Testing System Score
  • Candidates' score on a Band Scale from 1 to 9, for each module of the test as well as the overall Band Score on a scale from 1 to 9 is included in the report form.
  • The test report form includes the information about whether or not the candidate has completed the Academic or General Training module.
  • IELTS score report form also includes candidates' photograph and details of candidates' nationality, first language and date of birth.
The test report form of IELTS is valid for two years only. Some test centers also provide SMS alerts and results online service. To avail this service, candidates have to contact their local test centre. If a candidate loses his/her test report form, he/she must contact his/her test centre. Candidates have to pay a small administration charge for additional copies of the test report form.
In case the test centre where a candidate has appeared for the test has closed, authority conducting the IELTS entrance exam can still send a copy of test report form to any receiving organization, for the first two years after the test. In order to request additional Test Report Form, candidates will have to follow the steps given below.
Steps to request Additional IELTS Test Report Form
  • Candidates are required to complete an Application for additional Test Report Forms (TRFs) from closed centers form by visiting the IELTS official website:
  • Candidates must write their family and given names exactly as they appear on their identification document.
  • Candidates can submit the form by clicking the 'submit' button at the end of the form.
  • Candidates have to include a scanned copy of their passport or identification document that they used when they appear for the test (this is done after clicking the submit button on the form).

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