A comprehensive list of Law colleges and universities in San Angelo USA, that offer courses and programs in Law at various levels.

Law Colleges in San Angelo

Angelo State University
No. 2601, West Avenue N - 76909
Phone: 1-800-946-8627
Fax: 325 942-2078

Accredited by: SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)

Under Graduation
Arts, Accessory Design, Science, Film, Acting & Modelling, Architecture & Planning, Commerce, Sports & Athletics, Language, Medical Science, Management, Education, Computer Applications, Banking & Finance, Pharmacy, Nursing, Fine Arts, Mass Communication, Engineering, Advertising, Securities & Trading, Computers, Law, Alternative Medicine, Tourism

Post Graduation
Securities & Trading, Law, Arts, Science, Film, Acting & Modelling, Commerce, Sports & Athletics, Language, Management, Education, Banking & Finance, Nursing, Fine Arts

Science, Sports & Athletics


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