Explore the article to know about the procedure for repeating Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

Repeat PCAT

Pharmacy College Admission Test or PCAT is a well known admission test of US, conducted for enrolling well deserving candidates into various pharmacy colleges/schools of US. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) conducts the test. Every year, many test takers appear for PCAT. Some of them are satisfied with their performance in the test, but some are not. Candidates who are not satisfied might think to repeat the test. Such test takers must know that how many times a candidate can repeat PCAT and what is the procedure for it? Read the article to get the answer for the question.
Procedure for Repeating Pharmacy College Admission Test
A candidate may take PCAT exam for a maximum number of five times. In case a candidate is desirous to take PCAT for the sixth time, he/she needs to submit a written request for an additional session for the test. To register for PCAT for the sixth or more time, candidates need to follow the steps given below:
  • Candidates, who wish to repeat the PCAT for the sixth or more time, need to register themselves online by visiting the PCAT's official website: www.pcatweb.info/.
  • Candidates must be ready with all the required documents and must be able to give a justified reason that has forced them to repeat PCAT.
  • Candidates must see the checklist available at the PCAT's aforementioned website in order to ensure the availability of all the documents required.
  • Candidate's registration will be cancelled in case of unavailability of documents that are required.
  • Test taker’s scores will be cancelled in the absence of the required documents.
Pearson will review the request and give the feed back to the applicants within 10 working days from the receipt of the request. Pearson has the right to deny the request. In case of denial of the request, the applicants can appeal by contacting PSE customer relations.

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