Explore this article to know about the test center policies for LSAT (Law School Admission Test).

LSAT Test Center Policies

Law School Admission Test, popularly known as LSAT Test, provides a standard measure of examining candidates’ reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools utilize as one of several aspects of their admission. LSAT test is conducted four times a year under the administration of Law School Admission Council (LSAC), which is a non-profit organization. To maintain the standard of LSAT test, the council has regularized several policies regarding the behavior of the candidates within the test centers. This article throws light on those LSAT Test Center policies.
Test Center Policies for Law School Admission Test
  • At the test center, you have to write and sign a certifying statement on your answer sheet to confirm that the person taking the test is the person whose name would appear on the answer sheet.
  • The supervisor will assign you a seat in the testing room, as no one can choose his/her own seat.
  • The supervisor will tell you when to start and stop the test. Apart from that, the supervisor has the sole authority to keep the official time at the test room.
  • All your answers must be recorded on your answer sheet using a No2 or HB pencil. Answers recorded in the test book are not being scored.
  • If there is any misconduct or irregularity in the test center, then supervisor will report to LSAC for such act.
  • Disruptive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. The test supervisor can dismiss a test taker, who creates disturbance at the test center.
Dismissal from LSAT Test Centers
The candidates can be dismissed from the test centers on the conditions of:
  • Failing to provide all the required identification documents.
  • Attempting to take test for some other person or having someone else taking the test for you.
  • Creating disturbance at the test center.
  • Attempting or removing test content from the test center.
  • Leaving the LSAT test room without the permission of the supervisor.

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