Explore the article to find the details regarding the guidelines, procedures and regulations to be followed at the test centre while appearing for CGFNS Qualifying Exam.

CGFNS Test Center Policies

CGFNS Qualifying Exam is conducted by Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools, in order to ensure that quality nurses work in the United States (U.S). The exam is one of the highly competitive qualifying examinations of its field and is designed by experts in order to test the applicant’s knowledge and understanding in the field of nursing. All those, who have completed their nursing education from any country other than U.S and desire to pursue career in U.S, are required to take the entrance exam. CGFNS test comprises of objective, multiple-choice and alternate-item type questions, which also helps the candidates to assess their chances to crack NCLEX-RN- the U.S. registered nurse licensing exam. To appear for CGFNS Qualifying Exam, the candidates are required to follow certain eligibility criteria, which include the academic requirements and licensure requirements.
Test Center Guidelines for CGFNS Qualifying Exam
  • The candidates should reach the exam center at the time indicated in the exam permit. In case, the candidate gets late, under any circumstances, he/she won’t be permitted to appear for the exam.
  • The candidates are not allowed to accompany their family, friends, books, papers, cameras, calculators, tape recorders, cellular phones and pagers along with them, to the test center. 
  • The candidates are advised to dress comfortably, suitable for any room temperature.
  • No valuable item and large amount of money is allowed in CGFNS test center.
  • The candidates will be provided with two special pencils, but, are required to bring their own eraser and pencil sharpener.
  • In order to ensure their presence well in time after the lunch break, the candidates can bring their own lunch.
  • The candidates are not allowed to eat or drink during the exam time.  
  • The candidates are required to sign their name on a roster. It is necessary to bring a passport or official government-issued identification that includes a photograph.
  • The candidates are required to follow the instructions of CGFNS staff members, follow rules related to seating arrangements and behavior during the exam.
  • In case if any assistance is required during the exam, the candidates are required to raise their hand and wait for the assistance of the testing center Administrator.
  • The candidates will not be allowed to leave the testing room without the consent of test the administrator/invigilator. At times, a staff member may accompany the candidate if they have to leave the room.
  • The candidates are not permitted to leave the testing room when timed sections of the test are being administered. In case of emergency, the candidates can leave during the test session, but, are required to seek permission of the test administrator. The timing for the test section the candidate is working on will not be stopped during his/her absence.

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